Jim Harrison proclaims that "you can't be unhappy in the middle of a big, beautiful river" and we couldn't agree more.  Big our small, rivers are the lifeline to everything....including our zen! So when the river calls, we listen!

Our Trout Pendents are hand hammered with the homage, "The River is Calling" and available in copper or aluminum options. Each pendent measures 2 inches wide and hangs from an 18 inch contrasting chain. 

Copper is a rose gold colored bright shiny metal. It’s the oldest known metal and considered to have healing properties. It patinas to a warm brown but can also take on a green patina with oxidation. Over time, copper jewelry will lose its bright shine but can be easily polished back to its original shine with a jewelry polishing cloth or fine steel wool if you prefer that look.

This metal is eco-friendly and an alternative to sterling silver! Our aluminum is lead and nickel-free & non-reactive (hypoallergenic). Aluminum will never rust or tarnish.


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