Aug 1st 2017

A Personal Note, on our 1 Year Anniversary

They say time flies when you’re having fun.

Looking back on this past (and first ‘official’) year of RRH, I’d have to agree!

When I started thinking about RRH way back in 2014, I never imagined it would be what it is today. I never truly imaged the adventure it would take me on. I just knew I wanted to be a part of fly fishing and share my genuine love and passion of fishing.

If you know me personally, you’ve heard me say, “I’m not great angler…hell, I don’t even know if I’m a good angler.” What I am good at, however, is loving everything about fly fishing: little streams to big streams, to the ocean. Little 6 inch rainbows to smelly, strong carp, to one day bowing to the Silver King. I’m not the angler that can tell you every bug and its various stages and what time they hatch in which week of what month. Admittedly, I’ll pick out sparkly shiny bugs because well, “oh it’s pretty”. I am the angler that misses sets because some bird is causing ruckus behind me and I want to see what kind of bird it is. Coincidently, because of these wandering eyes, I also cuss a lot on the river. For me… isn't just about the fish.  That’s the beauty of fly fishing though….we each get to make it what WE want.

The past year with RRH has pushed my comfort zone as an angler, and an individual. Teaching was never something I imagined myself doing, but I had 7 fully booked beginner’s classes. Did I do all right? Did I talk too much? Did I totally confuse everyone? I also introduced fly tying nights through RRH…. another struggle for me as I personally hate tying flies. My OCD just cannot do it. But I’m learning that too. Having thick skin also seems to be a requirement to trying to run a business. People can be mean. Like really mean. Moving into the second year with RRH, I hope to continue to learn and be pushed….

Because when it all comes together and someone sends me a photo of their first fish on the fly, or in their new RRH tee or hat….It is all worth it and THAT’s why I do this. To see the excitement in someone else, that is my true happiness. Being able to fish with you guys is the biggest reward. I've met and fished with some of the most phenomenal women out there.  You all truly blow my mind!!! 

Thank you to all of you whom have encouraged and supported RRH. For all the likes, shares, tags in photos, and believing in me and my dreams. I wish I could hug everyone one of you. Please know, it is from the bottom of my heart that I say “Thank you” for being there this past year with me. Thank you for letting me grow, for challenging me, and encouraging my passion. This is an exciting time in fly fishing…..and I’m looking forward to meeting/fishing with as many of you as I can.

Until then, get out there and fish. Follow your dreams. Live your passions. Go after it.

Peace. Love. Fish