Our RRH koozies are handmade with recycled and re-purposed waders and are lined with locally sourced, all natural wool to provide maximum insulation.  

At RRH, we believe in preserving & respecting our natural resources by reducing waste.  We've turned our old waders into something functional, that shows our love of fishing!



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Originality & Sustainability

Apr 10th 2017

I instantly fell in love with this product and was not disappointed when it came in! It is so unique and such a special product to any fisherman (or woman;)) It is really high quality material and non-manufactured feel. I'm obsessed with mine and will likely be sending one to all of my favorite fellow fishermen and women!

keeping classy while stay cold!

noelle on Feb 19th 2017

I took it out yesterday and put it to work!, I absolutely love this and that they are made out of recycled waders. We need more recycleing and reusing in this world!